Yukon Curling Association

Yukon Curling Association

The Yukon Curling Association is a non-profit sport organization formed in 1990 with the amalgamation of the Yukon Ladies Curling Association and the former Yukon Curling Association.

It is the sport governing body for curling in Yukon. In addition to Yukon Territory, YCA's jurisdiction also includes bordering BC and NWT communities whose primary transportation route is through the Yukon.


To promote, encourage, coordinate and administer the sport of curling and to provide an opportunity for all curlers within the jurisdiction of the Association to participate at their appropriate level of ability.


  • To assist curling clubs to establish and sustain CCA curling programs throughout the area of jurisdiction.
  • To assist curling clubs to provide quality curling services.
  • To assist curling clubs to increase their number of curling members each year.
  • To ensure adequate resources and procedures are in place and functioning to meet YCA aims and objectives.
  • To promote the advancement of coaching, officiating and ice making skills through the arrangement of Canadian Curling Association sanctioned courses.  
  • To provide enough competitions and programs to meet the needs of all curlers;  To establish and govern rules and regulations for curling in the Territory;  
  • To increase awareness of the sport in the YCA's jurisdiction.



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