Yukon Curling Association

Funding for Yukon Curling Clubs and Curlers

Below are some funding options for Yukon Curling Clubs and Curlers:

Yukon Government Sport and Recreation High Performance Funding

The Yukon High Performance Athlete Assistance Program provides funding for eligible athletes who have demonstrated performance beyond the territorial level with potential for improvement at the provincial, national, or international levels. The highest level of funding assistance under this program is $7,000 per athlete per year. 


Yukon Lottery Commission Funding Programs

The Yukon Lottery Commission is mandated to provide for community-based programming and funding assistance for art, sport and recreation in Yukon. This funding assistance is provided by Lotteries Yukon through three programs: Recreational Projects Program, Travel Assistance Program and the Community Lottery Program.

The financial support provided through these programs is intended to:

  • sustain and contribute to the growth of art, sport and recreation for Yukon people;
  • increase access and participation of all Yukon people in art, sport, and recreation;
  • improve/provide more community art, sport and recreation infrastructure; and
  • increase organizational and community capacity in art, sport and recreation.

The following provides a brief description of the three community programs:

Recreational Projects Program - for Clubs

The Recreational Projects Program provides funding assistance to projects that sustain and contribute to the growth of art, sport and recreation within Yukon for the benefit and enjoyment of Yukon people in the following areas:

  • amateur level sports, physical fitness activities and recreation; and
  • performing, visual and literary arts.

The program strives to improve the quality of life for all Yukon people through participation or availability of art, sport and recreation in their communities. The Recreational Projects Program is application driven and applications are accepted twice per year; April 15 and October 15.

Applications for major projects are only accepted at the October 15th intake and applicants are only eligible to receive major project funding every two years.

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Travel Assistance Program - For Curlers

The Travel Assistance Program provides assistance to non-profit groups and extra-curricular high school groups attending competitions or adjudicated events in art, sport and recreation within Yukon or outside Yukon.

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Kids Recreation Fund

The Kids Recreation Fund (KRF) provides Yukon families with a lower income an opportunity to apply for funding for their children (aged 0 to 18 years) to participate in sport and recreational activities. Each child has up to $500.00 for the year; $400 of this may be used to fund either programs and activities or sport and recreational equipment as needed, $100 is for program or activity registration fees funding only. To qualify for the 2016-2017 season, a family’s net income must fall into one of the following income brackets listed below which are dependent on the number of children in the family:

  • $40,500 with 1 child
  • $46,500 with 2 children
  • $52,500 with 3 children
  • $58,500 with 4 or more children

This fiscal year (regardless of whether or not you have applied in the past) we require either A or B or C when applying for the first time in the 2016-2017 season. We need to see this information once per KRF year.

A) 2015 Notice of Assessment (for both parents if married or common-law), child(ren)’s valid Yukon Healthcare Card, and proof of marital status if you are NOT married or common-law (see guidelines)

B) 2015 Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice

C) Social Assistance budget notice from most recent month and child(ren)’s valid Yukon Healthcare Card

Examples of proof of marital status include:

  • tax return summary showing marital status (you might need to request the summary that shows this specifically from your tax preparer)
  • T1 General Form
  • Income tax return information sheet

For more information on the fund  and applications, please go here.

About the Kids Recreation Fund

This initiative, established in April of 1999, helps children and youth whose families are experiencing financial hardship so that they may actively participate in sport, art, cultural, social and recreational programs. Since its onset, more than 6,000 children and youth from across the Territory have accessed over $1,800,000 in program dollars.

The Yukon Government’s Health and Social Services sponsors a large portion of the program but local businesses, community clubs, groups and individuals also play an important role in supporting this initiative. On July 16, 2014, Lotteries Yukon made a one-time contribution to Sport Yukon for $100,000 for the Kids Recreation Fund. You can read about it here.

The City of Whitehorse’s Canada Games Centre named the Kids’ Recreation Fund as the beneficiary of their Spooktacular Event, held on October 31, 2015. This event collected $1200.00 in donations made by the generous people of the Yukon, all of which will go towards the funds available for kids and youth across the territory.

If you would like to contribute to the Kids Recreation Fund, please contact Sport Yukon at (867) 668-4236.


Sport Yukon is also a chapter member of the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program. As a chapter member, Sport Yukon is committed to helping get kids active and healthy by discreetly identifying kids with the greatest need in the community. Through Sport Yukon, the Canadian Tire Jumpstart can cover the fees associated with program or activity registration, or transportation costs (funded on a case by case basis). Up to $300 per child is available through Jumpstart per year.

For enquires regarding the Jumpstart program, please contact Sport Yukon at 668-4236.


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