Yukon Curling Association


2021-22 Masters Curling - Yukon Championships

Team Hilderman - Men's Champion

Team Pasichnyk- Women's Champion

2020-21 Yukon Mixed Doubles Championships

Team Wade Scoffin/Bayley Scoffin- Mixed Doubles Champion

2020-21 Yukon Women's Curling Championships - Scott Tournament of Hearts

Team Eby - Yukon Women's Champion

2020-21Yukon Men's Curling Championships - Tim Hortons Brier

Team Mikkelsen - Yukon Men's Champion

2021-22 Pacific International Cup - Yukon Championships - WCC

Team Tuton - Men's champions

Team's Gammel and Smallwood - Women's champions

2021-22 Yukon Senior Men's and Women's Curling Championships

Team Horte - Yukon Senior Women's Champion

Team  Miller - Yukon Senior Men's Champion

2021-22 Yukon Mixed Championships

Team  Miller- Yukon Mixed Champion

2021-22 Yukon  Curling Club Championships

Team  Eby - Women's Champion

Team Mikkelsen- Men's Champion


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